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With a wide variety of choices in lenses, there is sure to be a lens that will fit your lifestyle needs! Shop online or visit us at one of our convenient offices!

Our In-Store Brands

Transitions logo

You’ll always see life in the best light with Transitions® adaptive lenses from Essilor. These very popular lenses automatically adjust from clear to dark, and every shade in between. No more carrying different pairs of glasses – Transitions® lenses could be the only the pair you need!

Varilux lenses logo

Over 400 million people have chosen Varilux® lenses. They’re designed with you in mind, to provide sharp, natural vision at any distance and in any situation.

Crizal Lenses

Be prepared for whatever comes your way by having clear vision. Crizal® lenses are engineered for your life. They provide protection against glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water and UV light to give you the best vision possible.


Eyezen™ glasses are designed to protect your eyes and reduce strain from viewing Digital Devices. This combination of groundbreaking vision solutions keeps your eyes relaxed and comfortable by selectively filtering up to 20% of harmful blue light rays.

xperio uv logo

Xperio UV™ polarized prescription improve vision no matter what one’s doing in the outdoors. They provide excellent clarity while protecting eyes with a superior quality lens.

shamir logo

Utilizing Head Eye Integrative Movement software (HEIM), Shamir can now see exactly where in the lens patients actually look, when they specifically perform tasks in the various visual zones. This technology enables us to design a lens that takes into account actual viewing angles computed for every distance.