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VisionFirst is proud to announce that we now have Acuvue Contact Lenses available at all of our locations. If you haven’t heard of Acuvue or aren’t sure if you should try them, continue reading. We think you’re going to love them!

What is Acuvue?

Acuvue is a brand of contact lenses with the latest technology in breathability and comfort.

Why Acuvue?

We chose Acuvue® because they are the most healthy and most comfortable lenses for your eye.

Acuvue® is unique because of the new Hydraclear® technology that gives these contacts the most moisture of any contact lenses and allows more oxygen to pass through the lens to the eye. This breathability mimics your natural eye and allows you to wear contacts without noticing they are there. Acuvue® is by far the most comfortable brand of lenses and can be worn without compromising the health of your eye.

Recently, Acuvue® released it’s new Define® brand of contact lenses with technology that enhances the natural beauty of the eye. A great example of how Acuvue® is always one step ahead in the world of contacts.

An Admirable Brand

Not only does Acuvue lead in the latest technology for the eyes, they go above and beyond by striving to help people around the world see better. By partnering with Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue supports a variety of community-based organizations to advance the health and well-being of those in need. Read more here.

Visit Acuvue to get a free trial pair of lenses and schedule an appointment with VisionFirst to get your prescription!

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