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VisionFirst Eye Care

At VisionFirst, we are committed to helping you see your best, look your best, and feel your best! This month we are going to be doing a mini blog series to let you know how we do just that.

See Your Best

At VisionFirst, we help you see your best by keeping our offices up to date with the latest eye care equipment.

For your convenience, our new Optomap® technology allows you to come in for a non-dilated eye exam that gives you the ability to leave from your exam and get right back to work, your kid’s soccer game, or whatever you have going on that day without a delay to your schedule!

Many eye doctors only provide the method of dilating your eyes which makes your vision blurry and sensitive to sunlight for 3-6 hours after the exam. This can eat away precious hours of your day.

In addition to the convenience of non-dilated eye exams, you will see the same doctor on every visit who will know your eye health history, providing you with the best eye care possible!

Look Your Best

We help you look your best by carrying the latest brands and trends in eyewear. You can find any style of glasses imaginable in our stores, and our wide variety of brands allows you to look your best at any budget.

Our trained opticians are knowledgeable about the frames we carry and will work with your budget to help you pick out the best style for you, taking into consideration your face shape and personal preference.

Feel Your Best

At VisionFirst, our doctors are trained to look behind the eye and find warning signs that could lead to serious health issues. Annual eye exams can lead to detecting cancers, MS, diabetes, and other health problems.

With the Optomap® technology, our doctors are able to look at 80 percent of your retina in one panoramic image, compared to 15 percent using outdated machines. This means we can detect things that other doctors won’t!

It’s not uncommon for our doctors to catch early signs of multiple sclerosis, cancer, or rheumatoid arthritis in our patients. Catching these health problems early can help you avoid problems altogether in some cases.

Come see us at VisionFirst to see your best, look your best, and feel your best all the time!

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