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Do you struggle with dry eyes or allergy eyes? If your eyes are dry and itchy when the weather changes and cooler temperatures move through, there are likely two reasons for it:

You are not wearing your contacts correctlyIt is very important that you do not sleep in your contacts or wear them for a longer period of time than your doctor recommends. For example, if you are wearing your monthly contacts for an entire year, you are jeopardizing the health of your eyes. Different contacts have been designed to last for different amounts of time, and if you are wearing expired contacts, your eyes will suffer.

Daily Contacts

Daily contacts are a great option for active people. If you play a sport or are active and occasionally knock out one of your contacts, these may be right for you. Daily contacts are also good for people with minor prescriptions who do not wear their contacts every day.

If you only wear contacts when you will be driving at night or touring a new city, dailies are a great option. If you have daily contacts, you don’t have to worry about the solution drying out in your contact case or damaging your contacts.

Daily contacts allow you to enjoy the flexibility of tossing your contacts if your eyes get tired at the end of the day. You don’t have to wait until you have access to your case and solution.

You struggle with allergiesEstimates state that 50 million people are affected by allergies in the U.S. and 55% of the population tests positive for at least one allergen.

If you have bad allergy symptoms, it is important that you stay on top of your allergies for your eye health. When your eyes are dry, you do not see as well. If you were to stand on the line and read a vision chart, you would not be able to read as many lines if you don’t have adequate moisture in your eyes.

Not only can allergies affect your vision health, but they can also run down your immune system and negatively affect your overall health.

You may consider asking your doctor about taking over-the-counter allergy medicine or being tested with an allergist so that your vision and overall health is not compromised.

So if you are interested in checking into either of these issues, call Vision First at (502) 451-0332 and schedule an appointment with one of our trusted optometrists. We will fit you with contacts to help you see your best!