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VisionFirst Eye Care

We just published a blog last week about how excited we were to bring Essilor products to our offices in 2016. There were many reasons why we chose to partner with the Essilor family of lenses and we wanted to take a moment to discuss a few today. Part of what makes Essilor so great is their outstanding research team that continually finds solutions to today’s biggest vision problems. The Varilux brand is one of Essilor’s greatest solutions, and they are the feature of today’s blog post.

#1 Brand of Progressive Lenses

In 1959, the first progressive lens was invented by engineer Bernand Maitenaz. After his invention, Maitenaz has led Essilor to improve the brand to become what it is today, the leading progressive lens in the industry.

Essilor stands out from all other companies because it has given $1.2 billion to research, which is more than their top four competitors combined.

Because of this dedication to progress, significant improvements have been made to Varilux progressive lens since its invention in 1959.

Varilux S Series

The Varilux S Series was created to eliminate the off-balance feeling that people often complain about when wearing other progressive lenses. Essilor invented Nanoptix™ Technology to help stabilize the lens wearer by making straight lines appear straight (rather than curved) and by removing peripheral blur so that the wearer can see more clearly throughout their entire field of vision. People who have switched from other progressive lenses to Varilux can SEE and FEEL the difference!

Varilux Physio

Varilux Physio is all about transitioning from near to far distances smoothly, giving you sharp vision at any distance. Binocular Booster technology customizes your lenses to help your eyes work better together.

Varilux Comfort

W.A.V.E. technology, which stands for Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement, removes distortion found in traditional progressive lenses and gives the lens wearer a wider range of focus.

Each of these designs has a specialization, but all Varilux lenses will give you smooth transitions and sharp vision at any distance, making Varilux the number one choice of progressive lenses in the world.

Check out these short demonstration videos showing what each of the Varilux designs has to offer.

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