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VisionFirst Eye Care

The beautiful spring weather has most of us looking forward to spring break and summer vacations with family. There’s really nothing better than the warmth of sunlight on your face after the long winter months. With all of the excitement and planning, it can be easy to let things slide off your plate. So we wanted to remind you of the importance of regular eye exams so that you and your doctor can come up with a plan to protect your family’s eyes from harmful UV light this spring and summer.

Exposure to UV light can lead to a painful sunburn of the eyes called photokeratitis as well as other serious long-term damage. To better understand why our eyes need protection from the sun, read our blog, The Effects of UV Light on Your Eyes.

Our doctors recommend that our patients wear contacts or glasses that can protect their eyes from ultraviolet damage. With Xperio UV Polarized Sun Lenses, you will get the maximum protection from UV light along with some other great benefits to help you see in the sun.

Polarized Technology

Xperio is a brand of Essilor, the leading research company in vision technology. Essilor has designed Xperio lenses with the best polarized technology to eliminate the blinding glare that occurs when the bright sun is reflected off of flat surfaces like water, sand and concrete. The glare from the sun can compromise your vision and lead to various hazards, often occurring when people are on a boat, riding a bike, driving, or participating in other high-speed activities. Whether your motivation for purchasing polarized lenses is for clearer vision while site seeing or safety while participating in outdoor activities, seeing clearly outside is a benefit to everyone. With Xperio polarized lenses, you will see sharper colors, giving you a more vivid view of the world around you.

Scratch-Resistant and Easy to Clean

Xperio lenses are extremely scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The lenses are coated with a hydrophobic layer that makes them water resistant and also sweat/oil resistant. On Xperio’s website, you will see a great video testing the scratch resistance of Xperio lenses compared to other lenses. Click here to see the video.

At VisionFirst, we pride ourselves in offering you the very best options for your vision, which includes the leading brands of lenses. To learn more about Xperio lenses or any of the other technologically advanced lenses in the Essilor family, just schedule an appointment with us online.We are here to help you and your family to SEE your best!