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VisionFirst Eye Care

To kick off 2016, VisionFirst has partnered with Essilor, the leading brand of lenses in the world. Over that last few weeks, we’ve been spotlighting their different brands. So far we’ve talked about Varilux, and this week we’re talking Crizal. If you have not heard of Crizal® no-glare lenses, you are missing out on a world of clearer vision. 

Crizal lenses are famous for having no-glare, but what many people don’t know is that they have also been designed to be scratch and water resistant. As a bonus, they are also super easy to clean. Smudges, dust and water all wipe off easily, allowing you to have clearer vision on the go! Crizal lenses have UV protection, keeping your eyes safe and healthy for years to come.

Blue-Violet Protection for Your Eyes

Not only do all Crizal lenses protect from UV light, a special new product Crizal Prevencia also protects from harmful blue-violet light that people are exposed to when using digital devices like laptops, cell phones, and even watching T.V. Though some blue-violet light is natural, the amount that we are exposed to today with people working on laptop computers can be detrimental to one’s sight. Overexposure to blue-violet light increases the chance of developing macular degeneration, a disease that can lead to vision loss over time. Overexposure can also lead to strain on the eyes. If you work all day on a computer or experience discomfort when using digital devices, Crizal Prevencia may be the lens for you!

You can take a few simple actions to help limit your exposure to blue-violet light by doing the following:

  1. Turn the brightness down on your laptop monitor at work, as well as your other devices.
  2. Use the 20-20-20 rule: for every 20 minutes of staring at a screen, take 20 seconds to refocus your eyes on something 20 or more feet away.
  3. Wear lenses that protect your eyes from blue-violet light

Crizal for Kids

Crizal for Kids offers all of the benefits of regular Crizal lenses, but are tailored for tiny faces. You know how hard your child can be on their glasses. From smudges at snack time to scrapes at recess, durability becomes one of the most important features of your child’s glasses. Crizal for Kids provides the most practical lens for your child, taking into account their active lifestyle. These lenses are smudge resistant, scratch resistant, and easier to clean so that your child will have clearer vision on the go. They are also UV protected to prevent damage to your child’s young eyes while playing outside. Picture day is no problem with the no-glare feature of Crizal for Kids lenses. Crizal school-proof lenses will keep your child seeing clearly through all of the day’s activities. Check out this one-minute video to see all the ways that Crizal for Kids protects your child’s eyes.

We hope this blog has opened your eyes (pardon the pun) to Crizal lenses. If you’re interested in learning more about Crizal lenses, then you can schedule an appointment at VisionFirst today and ask your eye doctor if Crizal lenses are right for you.