Healthy habits mean healthy eyes. A recent study showed that most contact lens wearers admit to at least one bad hygiene habit that puts them at risk for eye infections.

Contact lenses provide safe and effective vision correction and an alternative to glasses. However, most contact lens wearers risk infection if they fail to maintain proper hygiene habits.

Using, storing, and disinfecting contact lenses properly puts you at less risk of developing eye infections. Good hygiene, proper lens care, and regular eye exams are essential for keeping healthy eyes healthy.

Our doctors at VisionFirst put together a list of healthy habits you can practice in between appointments for healthy eyes with contact lenses.

Tips for Healthy Contact Lens Habits

1. Wash your hands with soap and water. Before touching your contact lenses, wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, and dry well with a clean cloth.

2. Don’t sleep in your lenses. Unless it is cleared by your doctor, avoid sleeping in contact lenses – especially daily use lenses.

3. Throw away after each use. If you use daily contact lenses or others, use only for the time suggested by your doctor. Daily lenses are not meant for repeat wear and can cause severe eye irritation or infection.

4. Give your eyes some breathing room. Covering your eyes up with contact lenses for extended periods of time deprives the eyes of oxygen, which can cause issues with your vision or risk of infection.

5. Don’t mix solutions. Don’t top off the new solution with any older solution. Use only fresh contact lens disinfecting solution.

If you stick to these basic guidelines, you greatly lower your risk for serious eye infections that can cause impaired vision or even blindness. If you experience eye pain, discomfort, redness, or blurred vision, remove your contact lenses immediately and call your doctor.

If you are considering an alternative to glasses, call VisionFirst to schedule a contact lens fitting appointment today.

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