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Doctors - a closer look

So far in of our series about our doctors, we have introduced you to four excellent doctors. We hope you’ve gotten to know them better through a peek at their lives.

Our desire is for you to feel like our doctors are approachable. Optometrists have important jobs and the’ve worked hard to get where they are in their careers. But we want to reduce the anxiety you may feel when you realize you need to come in for an exam. We know how amazing, qualified, and personable our doctors. We want you to know that too! So here is Part 5 of our series “Doctors: A Closer Look.”

Case Study #5 Dr. Rabaut

Dr. Rabaut has been an exceptional doctor for 10 years at VisionFirst. Her favorite thing about working at VisionFirst? The patients! Seems like a common theme among our doctors. We certainly have the best patients around, but we think this research is showing how passionate and compassionate our doctors are. Dr. Rabaut’s personal mantra is to live joyfully: which clearly shows in her everyday work. Just look at her smile in our bio photo we have for her!

Why Dr. Rabaut is Most Qualified To Serve Her Community

Dr. Kristen Rabaut is well qualified to serve our community. First, she received her undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and her Doctor or Optometry degree from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. Dr. Rabaut practices full-scope optometric care ranging from comprehensive eye exams to pre- and post-operative care for cataract and vision correction surgery. Secondly, she received additional training in the management of refractive surgery, pediatric eye exams, and the diagnosis and treatment of binocular vision anomalies. She is experienced and she just continues to hone those skills.

What Dr. Rabaut Loves About Working For VisionFirst

Getting to know each patient personally year by year is something Dr. Rabaut loves. She says it makes her job much more fun, but also helps her to make the best decisions for each person. That’s customized, personalized care at it’s best!

Dr. Rabaut is certainly excited about the eye care industry. When we asked about some of the developments in the industry she told us she is excited about are all the upcoming innovations in contact lenses coming in the near future. She’s always been following the advancements in glaucoma treatment.

She’s quite the forward thinking. She shared that she would like to see more resources for patient’s to look up about their own conditions because it’s so important for patients to be equipped and informed. Her hopes are definitely spurring some ideas for our practices as we speak!

What Dr. Rabaut Does In Her Free Time

When Dr. Rabaut isn’t at work, she spends her time with her four children. When vacationing, she’ll go anywhere she can spend some extra moments with them, even if it’s a stay-cation. If she has extra time, she loves reading a good book.

What else does Dr. Rabaut enjoy? Claiming she’s a “total eye nerd.” She loves everything related to glasses and eyes. She has had glasses since she was 2 years old. Maybe deep down she knew– early on– that her path would lead her to a career in eye care. We’re glad she’s here and that she LOVES what she does.