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Optovue Analyzer

Now there is a revolutionary new technology that can help doctors find glaucoma earlier, while there’s still time.

What is glaucoma?

Over two million Americans have glaucoma, making it one of the biggest causes of blindness in the United States. Glaucoma can rob people of their vision even though they don’t have any visual symptoms or pain. In fact, half of those with glaucoma don’t even know it. The disease is not easily diagnosed. For example, the common “puff test” which measures eye pressure fails to uncover glaucoma in one third of patients with the disease. No wonder glaucoma is called the “sneak thief of sight.”

How glaucoma affects your vision

Over time, the optic nerve fibers are destroyed, and side vision is lost.

What makes the Optovue exam so revolutionary?

Unlike the puff test, the Optovue exam actually allows your doctor to see the pattern and thickness of the nerve fibers in the back of your eyes, then compares the results to normal values. If your nerve fibers are thinner than normal, this could indicate glaucoma long before any vision has been lost. As a result, your doctor will have more time to treat the disease.

How does the Optovue exam work?

The test is a quick and comfortable part of a complete eye exam. Plus, you don’t have to have your pupils dilated. You simply look into the Optovue system while it safely scans the back of your eye. Total exam time usually takes less than a minute and the system creates easy-to-read images that your doctor can quickly analyze.

Should I be tested?

Do you have a family history of glaucoma? Are you of African-American or Latino ancestry? Do you have high eye pressure? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may be at risk.

If you answered no to all three of the above questions, a complete eye exam is still strongly recommended if:

You are 20-29 years old and have never had a complete eye examYou are 30-39 years old and it has been over five years since your last complete eye examYou are 40-64 years old and it has been over two years since your last complete eye examYou are 65 or older and it has been over a year since your last complete eye examRemember, with glaucoma, time is the enemy. So don’t wait. Call one of our convenient locations to schedule your exam today or click here to submit an appointment request online.