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VisionFirst Eye Care

VisionFirst is excited to announce that we are now carrying Essilor family of lenses. Essilor lens family includes names you can trust like Varilux, Transitions, Xperio, and Crizal. Essilor is the leading company in prescription lens technology, and we believe that bringing them on board as our lens provider was one of the best decisions that we could make. Not only did they make Fortune magazine’s first-ever “Change the World” list in 2015 and Forbes magazine’s “Most Innovative Companies” list for the fifth year in a row, Essilor inspires us on a personal level when it comes to achieving some incredible goals in our industry. We have no doubt that Essilor will be a big part of how you LOOK, SEE, and FEEL your best in 2016. Their personal mission is to eliminate poor vision and its lifelong consequences, and that’s a cause we can get behind!

Addressing Problems

An example of how Essilor is ahead of the game in lens technology is their new Eyezen™ lenses. Over 50 percent of Americans suffer from eye strain that comes from frequent use of digital devices. People who sit in front of a computer screen all day are the most susceptible to this problem, but people who watch a lot of television, use tablets and smartphones throughout the day, or use a computer in their home can be affected as well. The new Eyezen™ lenses lessen the eye’s exposure to harmful blue-violet light and can give relief to those who deal with discomfort and tired eyes.

Essilor also has special lenses for kids that are impact-resistant, scratch and smudge resistant, water-resistant, and UV-protected. They also block out some of the harmful blue light that kids and teens are exposed to from using tablets, computers, and hand-held devices, both at home and at school.

A True Charity

Over the years Essilor has helped over half a million people in need achieve corrected vision, free of cost! Through various programs, Essilor gives employees an opportunity to participate in giving back to their communities through local events that provide vision screenings, eye exams, and prescription glasses to those in need. Essilor also started a public awareness campaign called Think About Your Eyes to raise awareness about the importance of eye health and regular eye exams. We are so proud to support this incredible company and all that they are doing.


Essilor has hired over 550 researchers to work together to come up with new and improved solutions to the world’s vision problems. New and improved progressive lenses, the #1 recommended brand of no glare lenses and the first adaptive lenses were all created by the researchers in Essilor labs.

We hope that you will take some time to browse through Essilor’s website and check out some of the educational features they have. You can also follow them on FacebookTwitter and YouTube to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world of vision.

Schedule your appointment with VisionFirst today and be on your way to your best vision in 2016!