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Eye Care Technology at VisionFirst Eye Care

We are investing back into our practice for the sake of our patients! When we say we want to offer the best care, it’s not just talk. We are taking action. Here’s how.

In just this past month alone, several of our doctors spent time in 2 different training events – the Indiana Optometric Association Convention and the Kentucky Optometric Association Conference. At the same time, we introduced a new machine to our practice called the Daytona Optomap by Optos.

This machine has been life-changing for many doctors, with its innovative and easy to use technology and design. We are so excited for you to experience it at your next appointment.

We also enjoy participating in events with the optometric associations, and groups like it, because we believe there’s always more to learn, and we want to offer our best to our patients. We can proudly say we are equipped with the foremost knowledge and technology to care for our patients at VisionFirst.

New Information through Continuing Education

We traveled to Bloomington for the Indiana Optometric Association Convention and to Lexington to join the Kentucky Optometric Association. They were enjoyable road trips. Even better than the trips was the information we gained!At these events, we attended classes and heard from guest speakers discussing medical topics relevant to our field and insights on new technology. There were also interactive exhibitions. We are always encouraged by spending time with other doctors, dedicated to their practice and their patients. We got the chance to have a little fun with them, too!

We believe our time at these events spur us forward in our work; fueling our passion and refining our skills.

New, Innovative Machine

Naturally, we are always excited about new gear. But this machine means so much more because it will improve the experience for the patients we care so much about. The Daytona is a retinal imaging machine that requires no dilation; so it’s quick and painless. It offers a higher resolution to see disease earlier. And it’s easy to use for our doctors and our patients. Here are more amazing features of the machine:

*Ultra-high resolution imaging*Innovative Virtual Point™ technology within one panoramic image of 200° views of the retina*Auto-capture technology.*Ultra-wide field autofluorescence capabilities.*Provides views of deeper structures of the retina and lipofuscin in the RPE.*Easy to set up, install, and use*Ergonomic design and positioning for a patient’s physical comfort

Check out more about this new machine here! Or better yet, come see it for yourself by making an appointment with one of our offices! We’d love to see you soon!