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Fall is not just for pumpkin spice and baked goods. It’s also a chance for a new look. As the weather gets colder, we can throw on extra layers and show off our favorite fall clothing, like scarves and boots. A new pair of frames can complete your outfit.

Or maybe your business is kicking it up a notch just before the 4th quarter. A sharp, new pair of glasses can help you look polished even when you’re pressed to meet a deadline. The right frames can give you a piercing glance that says you mean business. VisionFirst has the frames to complement your desired look.

Make a Fashion Statement this Fall

There’s immense value in investing in your style. You are more than your wardrobe, but it can be an expression of your interests and values. If you want to be known a certain way, your style can help. It’s like building a brand and being in touch with what your presentation says about you. Know thyself– the Greek writers taught us. Once you do, don’t be afraid to tell the world who you are.

You may already know a lot about your personal style, but even if you don’t, an optician’s job is to help you find the best frames that fit you and your lifestyle. Sure, they wear many hats, but one of the top priorities of an optician is to be sure you look and feel comfortable in your glasses or contacts.

At VisionFirst, our opticians are so committed to this that they do their research on face shape, coloration, style varieties, sizing, and more in order to be most helpful to you when you come in for an appointment. After all, there’s no one quite like you! We don’t subscribe to the belief that one size fits all. We offer a wide variety of frames and brands so that you have choices.

Even if you don’t “need” glasses to improve vision difficulties, you may even want to wear non-prescriptive glasses to have fun with certain clothing. This style choice is still trendy today. Just ask celebrities like LeBron James.

Tips for Choosing the Best Frames for You

We can give you a few tips for choosing the best frame style for you. However, we never want to generalize or limit your options. Sometimes the best fashion takes a risk. That’s why it’s best to try on frames with the guidance of an optician.

But before scheduling your appointment, here are a few things to take note of at home:

It’s important to notice these features. Here’s another example. Unless you have a really small head, really small frames may not reach the outer edge of your eye. Instead, the frames will cut right in front of the white of your eye (the sclera.) This not a great look unless you’re channeling Teddy Roosevelt (an icon in many other ways!) So you don’t want frames that are too small for your face.

Many people consider their face shape, too, however you’re always free to choose a contrasting frame style if you want the glasses to stand out rather than blending in more naturally with your face.

Get the Help of an Optician

It’s wise to have an Optician help with trying on frames since there’s no way to know how ear height, the distance between your eyes, and other factors will impact the frames you want until an Optician adjusts them for you.

So, if you’re ready for a new Fall look, or you’ve been avoiding glasses but you’re finally ready to embrace this attractive and trendy accessory, make an appointment to work with one our team members. We have great Opticians at every one of our locations.

Of course, you’ll need an updated prescription unless you just want the frames. We can make sure you have that information too.

If you do purchase prescription lenses from VisionFirst before November 4th, we’re offering you the frames for 50% off. We all love getting things for half the price. It’s like adding pumpkin spice to coffee. It just enhances the experience!

Some come see us soon. Frames will be 50% off until about the time Halloween costumes go on sale too. So, make out like a person in a bandit costume and take advantage of this deal before it’s over. Embrace this awesome season along with your unique style.