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VisionFirst Eye Care

At VisionFirst, we help you see your best by keeping our offices up to date with the latest in eye care equipment!

The latest in technology!

With our new Optomap® technology, our doctors can see a larger portion of your retina and catch things that could otherwise be missed! Read about our patient Lizzie, a perfectly healthy 23-year-old who would have lost vision in her right eye had it not been for the Optomap® (Link to Lizzie blog) We were one of the first to have this new technology and we promise to always make it a priority to provide the latest equipment to bring you the best eye care possible!


For your convenience, Optomap® technology allows you to come in for a non-dilated eye exam that gives you the ability to leave from your exam and get right back to your day, whether that’s work, your kid’s soccer game, or whatever you have going on. Our non-dilated eye exam will not delay your schedule!

Dilated eye exams make your vision blurry and sensitive to sunlight for 3-6 hours following the exam, eating away precious hours of your day. While it can sometimes be necessary to dilate the eyes, it oftentimes is not needed. Come to VisionFirst to avoid an unnecessary delay to your schedule!

See the same doctor every time!

At VisionFirst, you will see the same doctor every time you come in for a checkup! We want to know you and your family on a personal level, so don’t settle for an eye doctor where you are just a number. Seeing the same doctor who studies your eye year after year and knows your family history will ensure that you have the best eye care possible!

A window to your overall health

The combination of the most experienced doctors and the latest technology allows us to detect early signs of not only eye diseases but many other types of health problems as well, even before your general doctor will be able to tell there’s a problem. Diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), autoimmune disorders, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, stroke, some types of cancers and tumors can all be caught first at your annual eye exam!

Schedule an appointment online with us today!