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We live in a world where almost anything we desire can be bought online and shipped to our home within a matter of days or sometimes even hours. For many items, this makes sense and online shopping can offer greater savings and convenience.

How do you know when buying online is a better choice for you, rather than buying in person? That’s something only you can decide for yourself. However, before you commit to your decision, be sure to consider these four benefits to buying directly from an optician and why they may actually outweigh the benefits of buying your next piece of eyewear online.

Buying From Your Optician vs. Buying Online

Even though prescription glasses can be bought online, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is easier or even more convenient. Buying the perfect pair of glasses can be a difficult task and we’ve found that there is way more to the decision-making bracket than simply shopping price and design.

4 Reasons To Stay Local

1. You can try the glasses on. 

While online shopping makes way for convenient browsing, it simply doesn’t allow for you to try the glasses on. Since each facial structure is unique, being sure that the frame will work for you is important.

At VisionFirst, you have the opportunity to try on different sizes and styles of glasses to determine which one best suits your individual features. You will also have a professional available to you as a “second set of eyes” to help you find the right fit. These professionals are trained to guide you into what will work best for not only your appearance but also for your lifestyle.

2. True comparison shopping.

Comparing price is easy when quality isn’t also considered. For true comparison shopping, it’s easier to determine a good deal when you can touch, bend, and try out the product first hand. When you shop at your optician for eyewear, seeing the difference is easy and it places you in a better position to utilize comparison shopping between brands.

3. No waiting on prescription transfers. 

When you see your doctor for an eye exam and then take your prescription to an online dealer for the frames, extra steps pop up in between you and getting settled in your new eyewear. For example, this can include prescription verification by the online retailer before they can issue your frames, waiting on email communications from the online retailer to come back to you, or the juggle of making sure your insurance is applied properly before your order is fulfilled.

Alternatively, shopping with your optician may alleviate some of these hassles since they already know your prescription and do not need to wait for verification. Questions can be answered in real time and your order can be ready to process on the same day as your completed eye exam.

4. Professional guidance. 

Even though buying a new pair of eyewear might seem straightforward, there are actually parts of the process that are simply easier to complete with the help of a professional. Making sure the pupil distance (PD) and the frames fit is correct are just a few of the things your eye care provider will check before sending you on your way with your new pair of glasses. Ignoring these issues could cause your eyewear to fit improperly, leaving you with glasses that squeeze behind the ear or constantly fall off your nose.

Deciding between online or in-person eyewear shopping is a personal choice, but one that should be considered in its entirety. While online shopping may come at a better price point, the costs associated with it can sometimes be a bit fuzzy. Be sure to make a clear choice. Contact Vision First today to set up an appointment with a trained professional.