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Little girl wearing glasses

Our children are living in such a different time than we did as students. Just a short 15 years ago, those of us who were in school were not inundated with screens on a regular basis. In fact, for most of us, the extent of what could be considered ‘excessive’ screen time was because of TV watching.

Damage From Blue Light

Now, in the age of smart-phones, tablets, computers and other devices blue light is almost impossible to avoid. Excessive amounts of blue light can cause damage to the retina and damage to the body’s natural circadian rhythm, these two examples in a long list of problems resulting from too much blue light exposure.

Short of locking our children (or ourselves) away, the reality is that exposure to blue light is going to be part of our everyday lives, especially in work and school settings.

The Solution

Which is where Eyezen lenses come in. Using a combination of enhanced lenses and a blue light filter, a pair of glasses fitted with Eyezen lenses are able to filter out 20% of the harmful blue light.

The lenses will not appear different, as Eyezen lenses utilize the Smart Blue Filter feature which is clear in color and appearance.

There are also two technologies that work together to give the Eyezen lenses a distinct advantage.

First, The Eyezen Focus lens technology brings extra power optimized according to wearers’ profiles in the bottom part of the lens to support the eye’s effort in focusing at very close distances that are typical of handheld devices.

Second, is Light Scan, a unique light filtering technology, which protects eyes from the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens.

What’s even better, these lenses are available at the VisionFirst location closest to you! If you think that you or your child could benefit from the blue light filter that Eyezen provides, we encourage you to schedule an appointment and get fitted for a pair of glasses with these lenses today!