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As we become more and more reliant on our digital devices, our risk of developing eyestrain increases tenfold. Depending on our smartphones, tablets, and computers to complete day-to-day tasks is commonplace. However, the consistent screen time may lead to eyestrain—even in individuals who currently do not require eyeglasses. To address this need, the innovators at the EssilorVision Foundation have developed Eyezen—a relaxing experience for your eyes—to promote overall vision health.

The Need for Eyezen

According to a 2016 report from Nielsen, adults in the United States devote an average of more than 10 hours per day staring at a screen. This is a one-hour increase from the previous year with the expectation that the trend will continue to steadily rise. We rely on our mobile phones, tablets, televisions, personal computers and gaming systems for both work and play. The downside to our media consumption is our eyes were never intended to view highly pixilated images for hours each day.

The smaller and varied typefaces we see on the screens force our eyes to work harder to read what’s in front of us. Text and images are even smaller on compact devices like mobile phones. This is the reason by the end of the day our eyes will likely feel fatigued and irritated.

Another concern about excessive screen time is blue-violet light exposure. Blue-violet light is absorbed deep into the eye and is frequently emitted from artificial light sources such as tablet and mobile phone screens. Although blue-violet light exposure is acceptable in moderation, there are correlations between this form of light and degenerative eye diseases like age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

How Eyezen Helps

We live in a world where we need to stay connected. Instead of unplugging, we can protect our eyes with Eyezen. After extensive research and development, Eyezen was created to protect eyes using a two-fold process: the incorporation of a blue light filter and an enhancement lens. The blue light filter prevents at least 20 percent of blue light from entering our eyes. To achieve this,Eyezen utilizes a light scan feature enabled by Crizal Prevencia. Crizal Prevencia are the first clear lenses to allow essential light to filter through while reducing blue light exposure.

Eyezen’s enhancement lenses add extra power to the bottom portion of the wearer’s glasses. This added support permits comfortable reading no matter what distance you are looking at the screen or how large the objects appear in front of you.

Eyezen is the ideal solution for all age groups who rely on digital devices. Eyezen has lenses available for young adults, adults, and adults who currently wear reading glasses. All lenses feature scratch-resistant and glare-reducing coatings.

So for the health of your family’s eyes come to VisionFirst for the latest in lens technology! We can help you learn more about Eyezen and how the lenses can protect your eyes for years to come. Just schedule an appointment with an eye care specialist at one of VisionFirst’s 14 locations.