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VisionFirst Eye Care

One of the best brands of lenses we provide at VisionFirst Eye Care is Transitions lenses. These are not your ordinary lenses. They are specially made to “transition” between indoor and outdoor lighting. Adaptive lenses have changed the way we view glasses in general. Not only do they eliminate the needs to switch between your regular glasses and prescription sunglasses, but they shield your eyes from 100 percent of the UVA/UVB rays the sun gives off. It’s all thanks to the Chromea 7 Photochromic Technology that Transitions pioneered. Here are the three types of Transitions lenses that we carry at VisionFirst.

Transitions Signature

The original form of the lenses is the Signature Series. These come in three available colors when tinted dark which are Gray, Brown, and Graphite Green. Each will successfully fit any frames of your choosing when you visit your eye doctor. They are completely clear indoors, and quickly go from shaded to clear automatically.

Transitions Vantage

These lenses don’t just change with the light, but they also help to polarize glare. This makes it easier than ever to see wherever you go. They are especially helpful to drivers at night who have vision problems with light reflecting off of the windshield.

Transitions XTRActive

Are you always on the move? Then the extra added protection that the XTRActive line offers you is going to get you through any bright light or harsh fluorescent situation. These are suitable for most prescriptions and frames, but talk with your doctor at VisionFirst to find out if they will work specifically for you.

Stop by our VisionFirst office today to find out more about how Transitions lenses can change how you view the world. Isn’t it time to upgrade to something special and different in your eyewear? You can contact us here with questions.