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VisionFirst Eye Care

Each day doctors at VisionFirst catch early signs of various health problems in patients during their routine eye exams. In the one-minute video clip below, Vicki Rogers shares her story of how a regular eye exam detected leukemia in her husband’s eye. Please watch the video and feel free to check out our latest testimony by Elizabeth DeVries, a 23-year-old whose vision was saved because of a routine eye exam.

When Vicki’s husband, Johnny, showed up for his routine eye exam, it was just another day. Since he was in great health, he was surprised to hear that the doctors were concerned about something they saw in the back of his eye. The eyes are a window to your overall health and can detect various health risks often times before your general doctor can tell that there is an issue.

After noticing a change in the back of Johnny’s eye, his eye doctor sent him to a general practitioner who was able to determine that Johnny, in fact, had leukemia. If it were not for his regular eye exam, the leukemia in Johnny’s eye would have gone undetected until it grew into a bigger problem. Because the leukemia was caught in its earlier stages, Johnny was able to get treatment and is now cancer free!

If you have a similar story of how a regular eye exam saved your vision or caught another health problem, please leave a comment and share your experience. VisionFirst would like to feature some of your stories on our blog and social channels. If your story is chosen, VisionFirst will give you a free pair of glasses.