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When you see an ad for stylish frames online for a ridiculously low price, it can be tempting to try and save some money and order yourself a pair. However, doing so means that you will miss out on the benefits of being seen and properly fitted for your glasses by an optometrist. According to an article by the American Optometric Association, you could even end up paying more money in the long run. Below are three essential things you miss out on when buying frames online.

A comprehensive eye exam

When you come see your optometrist, you will receive a comprehensive eye exam. This will allow the doctor to take a full assessment of your eye health and prescribe unique lenses based on your individual lifestyle and needs. A doctor can suggest frames that are made with a lighter material or lenses that are UV protected or no-glare, depending on your habits. For example, if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer and experience eye strain as a result, your optometrist might suggest lenses that block out blue light. Getting the right materials to fit your lifestyle is an important aspect that you miss when you buy frames online.

In addition, comprehensive eye exams are known for catching a plethora of diseases, like diabetes, MS, cancer, lupus and more in their earliest stages, before even your general practitioner could see that you have a problem!

Correct prescription and proper fit

A visit to your eye doctor is necessary to receive the correct prescription and proper fitting of your glasses or contacts. Even if you know that your prescription is -1.00 in both eyes, you will still need to see an optician to measure your pupil distance (PD). This measurement affects the fit of your glasses. When an optometrist prescribes a pair of glasses for you, they measure the distance between your pupils to customize your glasses to your eyes. When you order frames online there is no doctor to do this and you could receive a pair of glasses with lenses that strain your eyes, causing headaches and discomfort.

When you order glasses online, there is a chance they could come in with the wrong prescription. An AOA study with the Optical Laboratories Association and The Vision Council reported that 44.8 percent of glasses ordered online had either an incorrect prescription or safety issues.

For instance, if you have ears that sit differently, a common occurrence in patients, you will need your glasses to be adjusted to sit straight on your face. Ordering frames online will make this difficult, and you might end up walking around with poorly fitting glasses.

Another thing that you miss when you order glasses online is being able to try on different styles to see what looks best on your face. Your favorite pair of glasses in a picture may not be your favorite pair after you try them on. Different face shapes and skin tones look best in different styles and colors. At VisionFirst, our opticians have experience helping our customers find the frames that help you look your best, taking into consideration your unique style, vision needs and preference.


According to the AOA study, 19 percent of adult lenses and 25 percent of children’s lenses failed impact resistance testing. This is a huge safety hazard, especially for children and people who live active lifestyles. In order to get glasses that meet the standard safety guidelines, you need to see your optometrist.

These are just a few of the things that you miss out on when you purchase frames online. If you need a pair of glasses, schedule an appointment online with us today!