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Awarded top 50 Optometry Blog

Recently, our VisionFirst blog was ranked among the Top 50 Optometry Blogs by FeedSpot. We are psyched to receive this kind of recognition and knowing that our blogs are helping others is a great feeling.

We couldn’t accept this recognition without sharing a few of our most popular blogs. We hope our insight and knowledge continue to benefit others and show the importance of eye health.

Most Popular VisionFirst Blogs

Here are some of our most popular blogs straight from the vault…

  1. Why You Can’t See at Night: If you have trouble getting around at night, you are not alone. Many people experience this problem. Check out a few of our causes for night blindness. Since many of these conditions do not have symptoms, it’s very important to keep your routine eye exams with your doctor.
  2. What is the Difference Between a Cornea, Lens and a Retina? Our favorite analogy to use when answering this question is comparing the eye to the glass, face, and inner workings of a watch. Together, the cornea, lens, and retina make up a necessary team to keep the eye functioning and stable.
  3. 10 Health Risks Detected by Eye Exams: Having a regular eye exam has helped people prevent countless diseases that most people don’t even know have any connection with the eyes: diabetes, arthritis, cancer, etc. The eyes really do tell all and often signal a problem in its early stages before it would be detectable anywhere else.
  4. The Effects of UV Light on Your Eyes: People seem to be aware of the negative effects that UV light has on the skin, but very few understand the effects that excessive UV light can have on their eyes. The tissue that makes up the human eye is some of the most sensitive tissue in the body and therefore, some of the most vulnerable. For that reason, people should take extra care when it comes to protecting their eyes from UV light.
  5. 5 Signs Your Child May Need Glasses: Often times, children with vision problems will exhibit the same symptoms as a child with ADD or ADHD. This is because it is difficult to concentrate when they cannot see the chalkboard/SmartBoard clearly, and their mind begins to wander. This can heed their ability to visually keep up in class, and so they fall behind. Before getting your child checked for ADD or ADHD, schedule an eye exam first to rule out vision problems.

There you have it! Those are our top ranking blogs that we hope everyone takes some time to review. We hope our knowledge can benefit and encourage others to schedule an appointment for an eye exam so you can SEE your best with VisionFirst!