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Woman wearing glasses

Years ago, glasses were used for function over fashion. Now times have really changed, even to the extent that we have heard of many people who buy frames without getting a prescription on the lenses, solely for the purpose of having a fashion accessory.

Now that we know that your glasses can express your personality, here are some things that the glasses that you choose say about you!


Gone are the days of only having ‘safe colors’ for your frames. Like black, brown or even tortoise shell. People are really starting to express themselves with colored frames. The louder the better! Think red, yellow, orange and beyond.

Size and Shape:

People are really starting to get behind the theory of bigger is better, or at least it seems so when it comes to the size of glasses. We remember the days of when people shopping for frames would shoot for styles that wouldn’t draw much attention to the fact that they had on a pair of specs. Now, people are choosing large styles and they really seem to suit their individual personalities!

pretty girl wearing geek glasses smiling large

There are a wide range of choices available now when it comes to choosing the best glasses for you. No matter what your style is, or the direction that you want to go when choosing a pair of glasses, we can help! At VisionFirst we have 14 Louisville Area locations and we can help you find a style of frame that you love the most. We have a highly trained staff of opticians that can get you into a pair of glasses that you love

We’d love to hear what style you like the most! Do you go for glasses that make a statement or do you prefer to keep your style tame?

If you are ready to book your appointment, use our online scheduler to book an appointment today!