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Whether you are shopping ahead for spring to find trendy pastel-pink cat eyes or looking for the perfect classic frame for work, Kate Spade is every woman’s go-to-brand this year! You might be wondering why women flock to Kate Spade. We have a few ideas.


Women love to be classy! Kate Spade is known for having sophisticated-looking frames that mix bold shapes and colors without losing an ounce of class. We’re not sure how they do it, but the results are perfect for the modern woman.


Kate Spade’s brand designers in New York, who have been in the business for 13 years, don’t push out replicas. They pull inspiration from the current trends and add in elements to come up with a look all their own. Each frame is unique and has a special Kate Spade touch that no other brand can copy.

Sunglasses this year feature trendy tints and gradient shading. A lot of the glasses are a fresh take on the cat-eye, and there is also a frame done in the butterfly style as well as a lovely feminine aviator frame. Stay on top of your style and look like a celebrity rocking your very own pair of Kate Spade glasses this year.

Mix of old and new

Kate Spade is known for taking classic styles and putting a modern twist on them. Bold and colorful mixed with classy and elegant make this the perfect brand to take on the new 2016 trends. Looking at the collection of Kate Spade glasses, you will notice that many of them have a 50’s feel, modifying the now-popular round, square and rectangle shapes for a bold, but classic look.

Kate Spade brand history

For those interested in fashion, here’s a little history about the brand. Kate Spade started her career as a fashion editor for Mademoiselle magazine after graduating from Arizona State University in 1986. Her hard work, knowledge in the fashion world and love for accessories quickly promoted her to senior fashion editor and head of accessories in the company. After 5 years there, Kate decided to create her own line of handbags. Women and fashion writers were drawn to the new brand, which quickly became a worldwide success. Kate Spade has written multiple books that share her style, sophistication and ideas with the world. If you are a Kate Spade fanatic, you might want to check them out! Her three books are: Manners, Occasions, and Style.

Kate Spade Glasses and Frames in Louisville

Sure, you could order Kate Spade glasses online from Kate Spade, but then you wouldn’t be able to try them on and pick out the best pair! Our opticians are always available to help you find the right frames for your individual style and personality. Don’t wait to show off your new look at the office or at next weekend’s big event. Come to VisionFirst and find the perfect pair of Kate Spade glasses today!

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of Kate Spade frames, we encourage you to check out our Kate Spade collection at any of our 14 VisionFirst offices in Kentucky and Indiana.