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VisionFirst Eye Care

It’s important for our doctors to know our patients– like you– well. We also want you to get to know our doctors. They aren’t JUST doctors. They’re pretty fascinating men and women when you take a closer look. They are parents, spouses, friends, fans, and much more. With that in mind, we begin our series “Doctors: A Closer Look” with the hopes of helping you see that doctors…they’re just like us!

Case Study #1: Dr. Olivia Walker.

She’s still kind of a newbie at our practice having started with us last summer. But she’s definitely an experienced doctor! Let us show you why she’s a great example of how our doctors are far from ordinary but also very relatable. You might even want to be best friends with them once you discover their favorite past time or hidden talent.

Our Doctors Aren’t Ordinary

Dr. Walker certainly has similarities with our other 23 doctors. All of them have hard-earned degrees in optometry or else they wouldn’t be our doctors. Yes, they might geek out about their industry or the science behind the human eye, but that’s why we love them. Just listen to what we caught Dr. Walker saying recently:

“I’m excited about all of the technological advances that are being made in all aspects of the eye care industry, but medical eye care has always been one of my favorite parts. There are so many new treatment alternatives being researched to help treat many eye conditions that cause vision loss. It’s exciting to know that we may have treatment options in the future for many of the most devastating eye conditions we haven’t been able to treat in the past.”

Wow! We’re glad she’s on our team because she’s certainly passionate about her field! But Dr. Walker, like all our doctors, has a pretty adventurous life outside of her job, too.

All of our doctors have different hometowns to be proud of. Dr. Walker is from Orlean, Indiana. All our doctors have different hobbies. For Dr. Olivia Walker, her hobby is traveling, especially if it’s to a new place she’s never been before. Below you’ll see a snapshot of a recent trip to California she took with her husband and local sports hero, Logan who is a native of Salem, Indiana. Even though they love to travel, Washington County Indiana is home and it’s great to see them serving the community in their own respective ways. Where will she be headed next? Who knows! She believes she may never have a favorite vacation spot because she always looks for new experiences.

Still, the place she’s perfectly content to visit time after time is Disney World. She told us, “I love the atmosphere and the memories it brings back every time I go.” We agree that it’s important to treasure those memories!

Dr. Walker’s Typical Weekend

On an average weekend, you’ll find Dr. Walker spending time with family (see her nephew below when he visited her at work) and hopefully going to the movies! Unlike some people, she prefers the big screen with a big bucket of buttery–though overpriced–popcorn rather than watching a movie at home. She keeps herself busy outside of work with her husband by her side for whatever adventure or project they choose. “Whether we are traveling, attending a sporting event or concert, or just spending time together around the house, we are always keeping ourselves busy.”

Dr. Walker’s Personal Motto

“Create a life that makes you excited to get out of bed each day.” She lives out this motto through her work at VisionFirst. She told us the most enjoyable part about working here is getting to come in every day to do a job she loves.

“I’m a troubleshooter by nature, and my job allows me to do that on a daily basis.” It’s also important to her to help others. She told us one of the reasons she chose her career was because it gave her the opportunity to improve people’s quality of life.

If you haven’t met her yet, we hope you’ll come in and get to know her soon. To find out which of our locations she serves, see her bio here and request an appointment with her. Stay tuned for our next blog post about one of our doctors with a pretty wild job history before transitioning to optometry! You’ll need to hear the story.