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Doctors - a closer look

In part 1 of our series “Doctors: A Closer Look” we introduced you to the “Adventures of Dr. Walker.” We do this because we know the importance of patients feeling comfortable with their doctors. Who likes hanging out with strangers? Our doctors are pretty fascinating men and women when you take a closer look. They are amazing doctors, but they are also so much more. With that in mind, here is part 2 of our series “Doctors: A Closer Look” with the hopes of helping you see that doctors…they’re just like us! 

Case Study #2 : All about Dr. Thomas Keenan

Dr. Thomas Keenan is a Louisville native who received both his undergraduate degree as well as his Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Houston College of Optometry and has been in practice since 1982.

A fun fact about Dr. Keenan is that before going into this industry he became a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer! A man of many talents!

Why Dr. Keenan Works For VisionFirst

There are a lot of reasons Dr. Keenan loves his job but his favorite thing about working at VisionFirst is he gets to practice in a well run contemporary, positive, and patient-oriented work environment. On top of that, he simply just loves his job for the hugs he gets from his patients for a job well done.

Dr. Keenan has a passion for this industry and one thing he is excited about is the advancements in glaucoma treatment. That’s not surprising considering his own personal motto is to learn something new everyday. Definitely something to live by. True to his nature as a compassionate and personable person, he knows these kinds of medical advancements are important because they will be life-changing and life-enhancing for so many people.

Life Outside Of Work

If Dr. Keenan could pick one spot for vacation to get a little rest and relaxation it would be at the lake. He even has a cabin. His favorite hobby is reading, so it’s easy to picture him diving into a good book at his cabin by the lake or down at the water. 

If you haven’t met him yet, we hope you’ll come in and get to know Dr. Keenan soon. Ask him about his interesting job history or his favorite book and we’re sure you’ll hear fascinating details. He’d love to hear about one of your favorite books too. To find out which of our locations he serves, see his bio here and request an appointment with him. Stay tuned for our next blog about another doctor –from Indiana–who helps make VisionFirst what it is today.