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Doctors - a closer look

So far in of our series “Doctors: A Closer Look” we have introduced you to Dr. Walker and Dr Keenan. Our doctors are pretty fascinating men and women when you take a closer look. They aren’t only amazing doctors, but they are so much more.

We share our series on our doctors because we know the importance of patients feeling comfortable with their doctors. Sometimes it is hard to picture doctors outside of the workplace and we want to show you that side of our doctors’ lives. With that in mind, here is part 3 of our series “Doctors: A Closer Look.” We hope this helps you see that doctors…they’re just like us!

Case Study #3 – Dr. Downing

Dr. Downing graduated from Indiana University at the IU School of Optometry. In his case, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He continues the family tradition in optometry, as his father was in IU’s first optometry class in 1957.

He practices comprehensive optometry including the fitting of glasses, all types of contact lenses, disease treatment, and the specialty of vision therapy for the treatment of children with vision-related learning difficulties.

Why Dr. Downing Is The Most Qualified To Serve His Community

Dr. Downing has been in practice for over 37 years, the last 7 have been with Vision First. On top of that, he is one of three optometrists in the state who is board-certified by three groups: American Academy of Optometry, American Board of Optometry, and College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

So there is no doubt Dr. Downing is qualified to be your optometrist of choice. Also, you know you can trust a doctor who goes by the motto “treat others like you would like to be treated.”

How Dr. Downing Is Inspired Daily

Everyone wants that job that helps them get out of bed in the morning, well this doctor has found just that. He loves helping patients reach and maintain their maximum eye health and visual function. Being able to devote all of his attention to patient care and not having to worry about the business side of running a practice, is why he is with us and we are lucky to have him!

Dr. Downing preaches that new data is showing a relationship between the lack of outdoor physical activity in today’s youth (sitting on the couch playing video games at less than 1 foot viewing distance) and the increased incidence of myopia, learning problems, and autism.

How He Relaxes Outside Of Work

Sometimes it is hard to picture your doctors outside of their jobs. For Dr. Downing he loves his job and his life outside of the office! If he could be anywhere he would be posted up somewhere by the ocean. Luckily, he loves serving his community with VisionFirst.

The ideal weekend for him is spending time with family and friends down at the lake playing, some cards and just enjoying the atmosphere. Hobbies that he enjoy ranges from playing golf to snow-skiing! Pretty well-rounded guy right?

To find out which of our locations he serves, see his bio here and request an appointment with him. Stay tuned for our next blog about another doctor in a few weeks. We are proud of all of our VisionFirst doctors and we love showing them off to you!