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VisionFirst Eye Care

You have heard the saying “you get what you pay for,” yet many people still make financial compromises in areas that really require a little more of an investment. In the eye care world, this sometimes means plastic lenses vs. glass. Quality lenses ensure durability, don’t scratch as easily, and don’t shatter on impact. These are the kinds of glasses Vision First wants to put on the faces of supermoms, hard-working dads, and their adventurous children.

Glasses for a Budget—SEE Your Best!

Our glasses and frames are top quality, but quality doesn’t mean you have to smash your piggy bank in order to see your best. We set up a personal consultation after your exam to provide the right style and fit that works with your budget. Our Opticians are knowledgeable about our frames and lenses and can find the combination that works best for your lifestyle.

Glasses for Kids—LOOK Your Best!

Our kids’ frames are fun and give your child the chance to express their developing personalities. Fun character glasses like Disney for Kids, Veggie Tales, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or distinct, colorful designs from Vera Bradley for Girls provide both fashion and fun that kids and parents will love. We also love Specs 4Us and their mission to create glasses specially made for children with Down Syndrome. These glasses keep children with Down Syndrome from being restricted by their glasses and solve problems like slipping down their nose or wearing glasses that are too big.

Vision First isn’t here to compete with the low prices being offered by other vision centers. We are here to ensure the safety and quality of you and your family’s vision. At the same time, we understand what it is like to live with a budget. Finding the right investment is one of our main concerns, and we look forward to finding the fit for your vision. Schedule an appointment today with one of our expert Optometrists and let Vision First help you SEE and LOOK your best!